Lawmaker calls for expansion of state role on O'Hare noise

The state would be required to operate a hotline to receive complaints about jet noise from O'Hare International Airport and collect scientific data that "creates an accurate overall portrait of the impact of noise on community quality of life," under legislation that was introduced Thursday.

State Rep. Christine Winger, a Republican from Bloomingdale in DuPage County, said residents in her district are concerned about how O'Hare noise may be affecting the health of families as well as potentially lowering property values.

Major changes in O'Hare flight patterns that took effect in October 2013 are sending more planes west and east of the airport, while generally reducing the number of flights north and south of the airfield.

Winger introduced three bills that she said would require the collection of more information by jet noise monitoring devices and implement tougher accountability measures. Read the entire story by Jon Hilkevitch in the Chicago Tribune.

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