Rep. Winger on FY15 Budget Fix

Today the Illinois House of Representatives passed Governor Rauner’s fix to shore-up the current budget shortfall and avert a looming financial crisis. This budget remedy ensures programs for public safety, childcare for working families and services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled continue.

When Governor Rauner took office in January of this year, he was not only left with a nearly bankrupted state, he also inherited a $1.6 billion budget shortfall for the current fiscal year.

The Governor’s solution did not raise taxes on working families or take money from the Local Government Distributive Fund and will clear the way for FY16 budget negotiations.

"Governor Rauner took responsible action, working in a bipartisan manner to craft a FY15 budget fix that will protect the most vulnerable and keep the state working. He didn’t create the mess but he did take quick action to clean it up."

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