Winger bills tackle impact of O'Hare noise

Representative Christine Winger has long shared the concerns of residents in her district about the effects of increased air traffic at O’Hare airport. Residents are concerned about the negative impact of jet noise on property values and they are even more concerned about its impact on the health and well being of their families.

Rep. Winger is spearheading legislation that addresses residents’ concerns by requiring new parameters for monitoring jet noise, better impact studies and the implementation of improved accountability measures.  Those pieces of legislation include:

  • HB 3251 requires the state of Illinois to provide a mechanism for residents to file a complaint with the state rather than compelling residents of the suburbs to submit complaints to Chicago authorities. It also requires the Division of Aeronautics of the Illinois Department of Transportation to maintain a database of all complaints and provide the General Assembly with an annual report of the content of the database.

    This bill adds additional accountability measures to the process and ensures impartial authorities will hear suburban residents’ concerns.
  • HB 3657 creates an accurate overall portrait of the impact of noise on community quality of life so that better decisions can be made on behalf of those affected. The monitoring parameters mandated by the bill include not only the location where the noise was monitored, but the loudness of the sound in decibels, the time of day the noise is heard, the way the noise affects a human ear through sound pressure, and other factors proven to be of scientific importance in measuring the impact of noise on quality of life. 

  • HB 4076 ensures the health and safety of families living near airports by requiring the Illinois Department of Environmental Protection along with the Department of Transportation to conduct a study on the impact of runways and air traffic at O’Hare with a focus on air pollution, noise pollution, the emission of gases and fluids by aircraft, and similar factors on the quality of life, health, and property values ofpersons who live adjacent to the flight paths. 

Residents who would like to receive regular updates by email about O’Hare noise issues, can sign up on Rep. Winger's website.

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