Bill ensures Illinois students continue to have access to best teachers

Rep. Christine Winger passed legislation out of the House today that will help Illinois schools attract and retain high quality teachers.

The bill was introduced because the State Board of Education (ISBE) was concerned that too many qualified out-of-state applicants were not submitting their credentials to obtain Illinois teaching licensure. ISBE determined the reason for this lack of participation was the short timeframe in which out-of-state applicants were required to submit their credentials and take required tests.

HB 2657 adjusts and extends the timeframe in which out-of-state teacher applicants may take Illinois teacher licensure tests. Under HB 2657, rigorous licensure standards remain only the timeframe for completing the process will be extended to accommodate as many applicants as possible.

“Our children deserve the best education possible,” explained Winger. “Creating a larger pool of excellent educators means schools have the option to select the right teachers for their students.”

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