Rep. Winger urges residents to send e-witness slips on O'Hare noise bills before Apr. 21

Rep. Christine Winger is urging residents impacted by adverse aircraft noise from O'Hare Airport to file electronic witness slips for two bills designed to help provide relief. Those bills will be heard in a House Committee in Springfield on Tuesday, April 21 at 10 a.m.

"The committee hearing is an important opportunity for those impacted by O'Hare Noise to voice their concerns to state lawmakers," explains Winger. "However, not everyone can drop everything on a moment's notice to come to Springfield. Filing a witness slip online is the next best thing."

Representative Winger will present testimony to members of the House Committee on Transportation: Vehicles & Safety on HB 3251. She is the chief sponsor of this legislation that requires the state of Illinois to provide a mechanism for residents to file a complaint with the state rather than compelling residents of the suburbs to submit complaints to Chicago authorities. The purpose of the legislation is to add accountability measures to the reporting process and ensure impartial authorities will hear suburban residents’ concerns.

The committee will also hear testimony on HB 1340, co-sponsored by Rep. Winger. HB 1340 changes the way and types of air traffic noise data that is collected and reported. It also adds the concept of community noise equivalent levels. Data will show noise level experiences in and around O'Hare Airport during different hours of each of the days that make up the 12-month period. 

Additionally, the noise levels collected will be weighted to reflect the greater impact of noise experienced after 7:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m. in each 24-hour day: and data collected in each 24-hour cycle is then aggregated into a 12-month community noise equivalent level for each community. 

Filing an online witness slip is simple and does not require those who complete the form to attend the hearing. Individuals will need to complete a witness slip for each piece of legislation they support. 

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