Suburbs Enlist Experts To Look Into Reducing O’Hare Noise

A kinder, gentler Suburban O’Hare Commission Wednesday unveiled the team of experts it has hired to find ways to reduce airport jet noise — a group that makes it clear they want to work with the city, not against it.

Former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official Joseph Del Balzo said during a committee meeting in Elk Grove Village that he is not out to shut down airport operations.

“There are no villains here,” he said.

Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson hosted the meeting and for years was one of the most vocal critics of the O’Hare expansion plan. But he said the consultants are trying to convey a new attitude when requesting information, and a combined effort.

“The letters they sent out to Chicago and the FAA are very conciliatory. It’s, ‘Let’s work together,'” he said.

Johnson said the team has short-term and long-term goals.

“We’re not looking to cut operations,” Johnson said. “We’re not looking to hurt the airport financially. What we’re just trying to do is make some minor operational changes that can help minimize the impact.” CBS Chicago has the story.

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