The life and death of Abraham Lincoln

Today we remembered the life and death of Abraham Lincoln with a gathering at the Lincoln Statue and with speeches on the House Floor.

Here is the transcript of Rep. Winger's Speech:

Illinois’ Abraham Lincoln left a legacy that has lasted 150 years after his death and I have no doubt it will linger 150 more. 

His legacy is one of fearlessness, commitment to principals and love of country. And, while history has made Lincoln a hero, he was not always valued in his lifetime.  

When I was a child, like all Illinois children, I was inspired by the 16th president of the United States. Inspired by his resilience and integrity. By his battle to abolish slavery. By his masterfully strategic efforts to unify a torn nation. By his love and adoration for his family. 

And, he was one of us, an Illinoisan. 

Now that I’m an adult, I admire him for precisely all the same reasons. 

Lincoln frequently asked himself: “WHAT has God put me in this place for?” He strove to live a meaningful life and followed a path that would ultimately lead him to his calling.

“How hard – Oh how hard it is to die and leave one’s Country no better than if one had never lived for it,” Lincoln once lamented to his law partner, William Herndon. 

To that I say:  Mr. Lincoln, you lived your life admirably. And, when you died you left your country appreciably better off. 

We are a grateful nation.

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