Another O'Hare noise measure clears committee

O’Hare International Airport was the site of 881,993 aircraft movements in calendar year 2014, making O’Hare the world’s busiest airport in terms of takeoffs and landings.

Homeowners who live near the newly expanded airport are affected by airport noise, especially noise from aircraft as they take off and climb into the sky. SB 636, legislation co-sponsored by State Rep. Christine Winger was amended in House committee on Thursday, May 14 and was passed to the House Floor. As amended, the bill will require O’Hare Airport to change the way it measures airport noise and gathers data to respond to noise complaints.

The language of SB 636 as amended will require that these noise monitors be loaded with software that will enable them to differentiate between different sound pressures, gauge what time of day the aircraft noise is heard, and gather other data. If the bill passes in the House it will be sent back to the Senate for concurrence.

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