COD performance audit wins approval

Taxpayers won a victory this week when the House of Representatives approved a resolution that will launch a detailed performance audit of the College of DuPage to be conducted by the Illinois Auditor General.

House Resolution 55, co-sponsored by State Representative Christine Winger, was filed in response to the decision of the College of DuPage Board of Directors to provide outgoing College President Dr. Robert Brueder with a $763,000 severance package in exchange for his early departure.

The performance audit will be conducted by the Illinois Auditor General and paid for by the college. The audit will include the following elements:

The College of DuPage’s sources of revenues
College expenditures, by category
Whether the Board carried out its responsibilities required by Board policy
Whether the Board met its fiduciary responsibilities and was in compliance with the Public Community College Act and Board Policies
Whether the compensation and severance packages provided to the COD president are comparable to compensation and severance packages provided to Presidents of other Illinois Community Colleges
Whether changes to the College President’s compensation package were properly approved
An amendment approved prior to the final vote expanded the scope of the audit to include the COD Foundation’s actions in the investigation.

In addition to the lucrative contract buyout for outgoing President Breuder, the media also uncovered that more than $250,000 was spent on a public relations blitz in the wake of the negative media coverage.

“Taxpayers have a right to expect their hard earned money is going to educate College of DuPage students,” said Rep. Winger. “This audit will go a long way in identifying how tax money is being spent and what changes need to be implemented to ensure long term accountability.”

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