New SOC Consultants Offer Quick-Fix Ideas For Lessening O’Hare Noise

Easy, quick fixes could start minimizing noise from reconfigured runways at O’Hare Airport immediately without impacting airport operations, aviation and public affairs experts hired by the Suburban O’Hare Commission (SOC) say.

On the job only a month, consultant Joseph Del Balzo, president of Maryland-based JDA Aviation Technology Solutions, and representatives of Lockridge Grindal Nauen (LGN) Aviation Policy Group brought some early suggestions to SOC’s Wednesday, Apr. 1 meeting, which aim to lessen airport noise and better track specific aircraft that might be violating fly quiet areas or other rules.

Suggestions included starting takeoffs at the very start of runways, climbing steeper from a 3-degree ascent to a 3.5-degree ascent and landing with a steeper descent further down the runway. Other suggestions included having the airport offer aircraft tracking software on a public website. Read more on Journal & Topics online.

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