Status quo rampant, time for change

Representative Christine Winger joined fellow Republican freshman legislators today to share their frustration with the repressive partisan environment in Springfield. Calling for term limits, Winger and the other lawmakers expressed disgust with the current situation.

“Status quo is rampant in the state of Illinois. For far too long Illinois has suffered at the hands of entrenched politicians stifling new ideas and solutions,” said Winger. “That’s why I am joining my Republican colleagues today to call for a constitutional amendment for term limits on members in the General Assembly.”

An initiative to put a binding term limits referendum on the 2014 General Election ballot was denied by a three-judge Illinois Appellate Court last August, leaving legislative action as the best alternative. House Republicans point to the onset of gridlock along with the increasingly draconian House rules imposed by long-serving Democrat leadership as evidence that term limits need immediate consideration.

“I don’t believe there’s a single one of us who truly understood the high barriers towards reform that have been erected…here in Springfield,” stated Steve Andersson (R, Geneva).  “The time is now to discuss this issue, while we are amidst this gridlock.”

House Republicans have filed three separate constitutional amendments aimed at imposing term limits in Illinois: HJRCA1 filed by Rep. Ron Sandack (R, Downers Grove) and and HJRCA 28 filed by Rep. Steve Andersson (R, Geneva) both co-sponsored by Winger and HJRCA 10 filed by Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R, Rockford); all seek to put on the ballot limits on legislative terms to varying degrees.  It is expected the Governor’s own proposal will be filed soon.

“Budgets haven’t been balanced, reforms haven’t been implemented and debt continues to grow…and Democrat leadership doesn’t’ seem to care.” Winger urged, “It is time for change…Let the voters decide whether term limits are a good idea for Illinois.”

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