191 new laws take effect January 1, 2017. Here is a preview of 21 laws you should know about:

Social media right to privacy 
Public Act 99-610, House Bill 4999
Amends the Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act to make it illegal for an employer or prospective employer to request or require an employee or applicant to access a personal online account (such as Facebook) in the presence of the employer. It is also illegal to request or require that an employee or applicant invite the employer to join a group affiliated with any personal online account of the employee, or applicant, or join an online account established by the employer.
Rep. Winger hosts reception for art students from
Westfield Middle School to showcase their artwork.
Fly Quiet Test Program Set to Expire. Created as a temporary effort, the trial period of the Fly Quiet Program will expire on December 25th of this year. The decision to make the program permanent is partially based on community response to a survey created by O’Hare officials. Rep. Winger urges all residents affected by noise from O'Hare to complete the survey. Read more.

Illinois Lottery
Winger explores legislative options to get to the heart of newly identified concerns at the Illinois Lottery. Earlier this month the Chicago Tribune reported that lottery scratch off winning tickets were not entirely random and grand prizes were not always paid out. Here's the original story.
Take action now to ensure noise reduction program continues in the future

The Fly Quiet program was created by the Chicago Department of Aviation as a test to determine whether rotating runway usage would help reduce nighttime noise levels experienced by area residents when jets land and take off at O’Hare International Airport. Many of those living in the affected area believe the test program has been a success and is a significant step forward in providing more immediate noise relief for area families.
Rep. Christine Winger visits with residents
and staff at the Victory Center, a senior
community in Bartlett. 
Budget – FY17
Leaders meetings do not generate budget agreement. With the “stopgap” six-month budget for the first half of FY17 scheduled to expire on December 31, pressure is being placed on key Illinois officials to develop a budget agreement. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, Governor Bruce Rauner, and other leaders were meeting almost daily in Chicago. Key issues include cash flow for State spending areas covered in the “stopgap” budget. Renewed appropriations are required if these areas are to get funding in January 2017 and following months. However, no agreement has yet been reached.

Pressure for a budget deal is being driven by the deteriorating financial condition of the State. The Comptroller’s office indicated that Illinois had, as of Tuesday, December 6, piled up a backlog of unpaid bills totaling more than $10.6 billion. These include both bills that are actually in the Comptroller’s office awaiting payment and bills that are in the various State agencies and have not yet been forwarded to the Comptroller.
Budget – FY17
Governor Rauner renews call for property tax freeze and term limits. Substantial segments of Illinois state spending are scheduled to run dry with the expiration of the so-called ‘stopgap” State budget that is covering the first half of FY17. This period of time will end on December 31, 2016, and further State action will be required to keep those facets of State spending in operation. However, meetings between Governor Bruce Rauner and the four legislative leaders, including House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, have not yet succeeded in achieving the level of agreement necessary for a budget bill to move forward.
General Assembly – Veto Session
First week of veto session held in Springfield. The Constitution of Illinois asks State lawmakers to spend two session periods of three days each in Springfield each fall. The veto session weeks, which straddle Thanksgiving, give the General Assembly the opportunity to consider and approve or reject the total and amendatory vetoes signed by the Governor earlier in the summer.

Action remains uncertain on some of the issues discussed this week, and both the House and the Senate final action on many of the measures considered in this first week of veto session will take place during the 2nd and final week of the session. The General Assembly is discussing the stabilization of Illinois’ electrical generating infrastructure, workers’ compensation, legislative term limits, and many other issues. The General Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday, November 29.
Chicago Cubs – 2016 World Series Champions
Cubs win 2016 World Series. The 2016 Fall Classic took all 7 games to play, with Game 7 being an instant classic, fought out into a tiebreaking 10th inning. The Chicago Cubs came back from a 3 games to 1 deficit to become the world champions of baseball, beating Cleveland on the road and breaking a trophy drought that went all the way back to 1908. The Cubs will held a victory parade and rally in Chicago on Friday, November 4. Illinoisans of all sports fandoms are now congratulating loyal Cub fans.
According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Illinois hasn’t had a winter without at least one winter storm in the past century. To help people prepare for potentially dangerous snow, cold and ice this winter, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), the NWS and local emergency management agencies will highlight winter weather preparedness throughout November.

“Winter weather can turn dangerous rapidly, so the best time to prepare is before that first snowstorm or ice event,” said IEMA Director James K. Joseph. “Many injuries and fatalities related to winter hazards can be prevented if people take just a few minutes now to prepare.”
Children – Lead Poisoning
Cabinet on Children and Youth leads initiative against lead poisoning. Illinois' Cabinet on Children and Youth recently announced a statewide, cross-agency initiative to reduce children’s exposure to lead. Lead poisoning is one of the most prevalent, preventable, environmental health hazards and is known to contribute to learning disabilities, developmental delays, and violent behavior.
Kids with food allergies are often left out of trick-or-treating fun since most candy is off limits to them. The Teal Pumpkin Project helps make sure all children will come home on Halloween night with safe something they can enjoy. It just takes one simple act: offering non-food treats, such as glow sticks or small toys, as an alternative to candy.

If you want to let kids know you'll be handing out non-food treats on Halloween, download and print this teal pumpkin sign and tape it to your door. This will alert families with children who have food allergies that this is a safe trick-or-treating home.

Last year, households from all 50 states and 14 countries participated. This is a worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all trick-or-treaters.

Click here to learn more about the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Surveys of prescription drug abusers tell us that a majority of those with opioid addictions started by stealing unused prescription medication from friends and family.

The Illinois Medical Society (ISMS) has taken action to educate Illinois physicians and the public on ways to curb this epidemic. Last week, in partnership with ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company, ISMS distributed more than 11,000 kits promoting the importance of disposing of unused medications. The disposal kit contains information for doctors and patient materials highlighting the importance of proper disposal and what should be done with unused medications. The kit is also accessible for free download by anyone at www.isms.org/Take-Back.
Governor Bruce Rauner today announced a comprehensive plan to promote economic growth and job creation by cutting the red tape in Illinois. He signed Executive Order 16-13 to review all agency rules and regulations by the newly-created Illinois Competitiveness Council.

“For years, Illinois has added layers and layers of burdensome rules and regulations to a never-ending bureaucracy,” Governor Rauner said. “It’s an endless line of red tape that creates a barrier for small businesses and entrepreneurs. By cutting the red tape, we are creating an environment where they can succeed.”
O'Hare Noise
O'Hare runway rotation test-period ends at end of year. Communities impacted by O'Hare Airport are halfway through a Runway Rotation Test that is aimed at reducing noise from aircraft. The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) wants to know if the rotation plan is working. They are encouraging residents to complete their online survey.

The survey will serve as one component in determining whether or not the Runway Rotation Test was a successful in reducing noise. Once the rotation test is completed on December 25th of this year, the Fly Quiet Program will return to its original format. The O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) and the CDA will review data and survey results before making a recommendation to continue with the Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Plan permanently.
With the Halloween season upon us, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is reminding the public that purchasing colored contact lenses from anyone other than a licensed eye care professional or pharmacist is dangerous.  In recent years, illegally-purchased colored contacts have flooded the retail market during Halloween and are most often found at malls, beauty supply stores and via online websites. These lenses are often made overseas in non-FDA approved facilities with tinting materials that may be toxic to the eye.  Without a proper examination and fitting, colored contacts can cause damage to the eye, including blindness.
Communities impacted by O'Hare Airport are halfway through a Runway Rotation Test that is aimed at reducing noise from aircraft. The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) wants to know if the rotation plan is working. They are encouraging residents to complete their online survey.

The survey will serve as one component in determining whether or not the Runway Rotation Test was a successful in reducing noise. Once the rotation test is completed on December 25th of this year, the Fly Quiet Program will return to its original format. The O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) and the CDA will review data and survey results before making a recommendation to continue with the Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Plan permanently.

It is important they hear from you. If you are impacted by O'Hare noise, please take a minute to take the Fly Quiet Survey.

Find out more here: http://www.airportprojects.net/flyquiettest/
In Illinois, October is College Changes Everything® (CCE) Month, a campaign launched by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) to address the change to “early FAFSA” and assist students who will be completing college applications at the same time they are filing financial aid forms. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form used to apply for all federal and some state financial aid; filing it is an important first step to maximizing financial aid. This year, students will be able to file their 2017-18 beginning October 1, 2016, instead of having to wait until January, as in previous years. 
Representative Christine Winger recently held her summer reading party to celebrate and honor the students who successfully completed her annual reading program.

Kindergarten to 5th graders who live in Rep. Winger’s 45th District were invited to participate in this year’s program. The students who read 8 books and returned their reading lists to the Representative’s District Office by the end of the summer were invited to the special recognition party held at the Bloomingdale Park District.

Over 40 students successfully completed Winger’s program, and came together to celebrate their accomplishments with their State Representative. They were able to discuss their favorite books over ice cream and special treats. After Rep. Winger read a book with the participants, she presented each reader with a certificate of recognition.
Children – Teenage Concussions
Health care providers report sharp increase in official diagnoses of concussions among many Illinois teenagers. The diagnosis count increased 83% from 2010 to 2015 among a large subset of Illinois children aged 10 to 19. The subset is made up of those children and young adults that are members of households insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Illinois’ largest health care insurer. Blue Cross reports that more than 8 million of the 12.9 million people of Illinois are covered by their firm. The numbers reflect diagnostic codings reached by health care professionals, used by them as a basis for follow-up treatments of their patients, and submitted to Blue Cross for requested reimbursement.
Representative Christine Winger is hosting an event with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to bring a Mobile Driver Facility Services Unit to area residents. The free event is open to all residents and will be held on Tuesday October 4th from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at the the Hanover Township Senior Center in Bartlett, 240 S. IL Route 59.

The Secretary of State’s mobile unit will bring all the services of their office to this location, in an effort to make these state services more accessible. This unit will have the following services available on site for residents to take advantage of:

· Vision Screening with Driver’s License Rnewal

· Driver’s License and State ID Card Renewal, Replacement, Correction

· Vehicle Sticker Sales

· Organ/Tissue Donor Information and Registration

· Motor Voter Registration with Driver’s license/ID Renewal

Rep. Winger is looking forward to this event, and working with both the Secretary of State’s office and Hanover Township to bring vital state services to residents. “This is a great opportunity to bring important services in a convenient way to our area,” said Winger. “I understand it is often times difficult to make it to the DMV or Secretary of State’s office, and this is an easier way to bring necessary state services right to our residents.”
Budget – Unpaid Bills
Backlog of unpaid bill hits $8.6 billion. The unpaid-bill count, tracked on a day-to-day basis by the office of Comptroller Leslie Munger, hit more than $8.6 billion this week. The red-ink number is closely watched by holders of Illinois debt paper and by international credit rating agencies and firms that rank worldwide debtors by chances of insolvency. For example Moody’s, the world’s largest credit-rating firm, currently ranks Illinois general obligation debt backed by general funds at Baa2, two ranks above “junk bond” level. Moody’s adds that they have a “negative outlook” on Illinois’ current Baa2 rating. Analysts at Moody’s report that Illinois’ “structural budget gap” currently equals at least 15% of Illinois general fund and pension expenditures.

Rep. Winger met new friends at CS Barks, Carol Stream's
annual dog festival, last weekend.
The backlog, counted as of Thursday, September 22, represents more than $8.6 billion in bills payable from Illinois general funds. These bills have either been presented to the Illinois Comptroller for payment, or are known to be waiting in the coffers of various State agencies for presentation and payment. Many of these bills are request for reimbursement to providers of supplies and services to the State and its clients, particularly medical and nursing care provided to Medicaid patients.

The unpaid-bill ledger count reported weekly by Munger’s office is likely to continue to fluctuate in future weeks. However, the overall red-ink trend is expected to continue to go upward, based on tax payments to the State continuing to fall short of monies obligated by continuing appropriations, court orders, and consent decrees.
Dog Days of Summer
Carol Stream Park District’s annual dog festival. One of the largest dog festivals in the Chicago suburbs CS Barks is being held on Sunday. Join thousands of dogs from the area who bring their owners for a day of four-legged fun. Entry is free!  Find out more.

Jobs – Illinois labor force
Illinois payroll drops by 8,200 jobs in August. The monthly jobs and unemployment report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) showed a 30-day drop of 8,200 in Illinois’ seasonally-adjusted nonfarm payroll jobs. This key employment number declined from 6,016,900 in July 2016 to 6,008,700 in August.
Children – Missing Children
128 Illinois children are missing. This number reflects open police files on missing Illinois children. An online file of Illinois children classified as missing, endangered/missing, or in non-family abduction status can be found here. Cases as recent as August 2016 are included; but one open case, that of Mary Ann Switalski, dates back to July 1963.
New laws, executive order helps 16,000 kids. The laws and executive order are oriented towards 16,000 children under the legal care and supervision of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). It is the universal goal of youth authorities, when a child needs a guardian, to select an adult relative or friend from the child’s background, but this is not always possible. In some cases, a court assigns guardianship over a young person or pre-adult to the State of Illinois. Young people in this category were traditionally called “wards of the state,” and one of the effects of this policy change will be to request that people in this standing now be called “youth in care.” Gov. Rauner signed the executive order on Friday, August 19.
Representative Winger was able to successfully champion important issues this legislative session, from reducing O’Hare Noise and supporting property tax relief to expanding services to veterans and ensuring the health and safety of our children.  

To find out more, click here to read some of the highlights of this year’s legislative session and accomplishments here at home in the 45th District.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated.  For any questions or concerns you may have on state issues, contact Rep. Winger's district office at (847) 252-9311 or visit http://www.ilhousegop.org/contactwinger.
The Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity’s Office of Energy Assistance recently announced that the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) will begin accepting applications for winter heating assistance for seniors and people with disabilities beginning September 1, 2016.

LIHEAP and the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) program are funded as part of the stopgap funding plan signed into law by Governor Rauner.
On Friday, Governor Rauner signed two important pieces of legislation sponsored by Rep. Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale) that will positively impact children by providing them with new opportunities for positive growth and development.

Identify hearing impairment in newborns

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) two to three out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a hearing impairment. If hearing loss is not identified early, language development is delayed, affecting a child’s ability to learn and develop social skills.
Governor signs bills honoring Gold Star Families, increasing services to Illinois veterans. Governor Bruce Rauner on Sunday, took action on several bills as part of Veterans Day at the 2016 Illinois State Fair. The bills strengthen Illinois’ commitment to our veterans and their families by providing needed assistance and honor to those who have sacrificed so much for our country and our state.

“The selflessness of our American heroes can never truly be repaid, but here in Illinois we are making it easier for our men and women to return home and have prosperous futures,” said Governor Rauner. “We are investing in our veterans’ futures while never forgetting those we have lost along the way.
On Sunday, Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law legislation sponsored by Rep. Christine Winger that will help troubled Veterans get their lives back on track.

The new law, Public Act 099-0807, requires the Chief Judge of every judicial circuit in Illinois to establish a Veterans and Servicemembers Court program.

“Often times, the men and women who have bravely served our country return home suffering from ill effects due in part to their military service, and many turn to alcohol or drugs to combat the emotional and psychological pain,” said Winger. “They risked their lives to protect our nation. We owe them the opportunity for rehabilitation by ensuring every judicial circuit provides them access to a Veterans Court.”
Winger host free kids fair on Saturday
Rep. Christine Winger is hosting a kids health & safety fair this weekend. The event will be held on Saturday, August 6th from 9 AM to 12:30 PM at Westfield Middle School, 149 S. Fairfield Way in Bloomingdale. The first demonstration starts at 9:30 AM with the Bloomingdale Beamers. Other demonstrations to follow will include the Traveling World of Reptiles Show. The Touch-A-Truck portion of the event will feature police squads, a 14-ton Wrecker, a Dump Truck, and more—giving kids the opportunity to get an up close look at each. Click here for more info.
Secretary of State Jesse White announced today that his office has reinstated the mailing of vehicle registration reminder notices to Illinois drivers. To offset the cost of the mailings, White is drafting legislation allowing his office to offer advertising space on the mailings. In addition, White is urging the public to sign-up for email notices to further reduce mailing costs.

The Secretary of State’s office discontinued mailing reminders in October 2015 due to the lack of funding as a direct result of the state budget impasse. The stop-gap budget recently passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor allows White’s office to reinstate the notices.
Bloomingdale…State Representative Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale) is hosting a Kid’s Health and Safety Expo that will include demonstrations, activities, and a touch a truck exhibit. The expo is free and open to all area children and their families.

The event will be held on August 6th from 9 AM to 12:30 PM at Westfield Middle School, 149 S. Fairfield Way in Bloomingdale. The first demonstration starts at 9:30 AM with the Bloomingdale Beamers. Other demonstrations to follow will include the Traveling World of Reptiles Show. The Touch-A-Truck portion of the event will feature police squads, a 14-ton Wrecker, a Dump Truck, and more—giving kids the opportunity to get an up close look at each. Below is a complete list of attending participants:
Economy – Intersect Illinois
New State job-creation agency gets name. Intersect Illinois,’ the name of the new agency, reflects the Prairie State’s position as a focus of U.S. nationwide transportation infrastructure. Intersect Illinois was created as a spinoff from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Set up to be similar to job-creation agencies in other states such as Georgia and Wisconsin, Intersect Illinois will share traits of the private and public sectors. It will be in charge of “selling” Illinois to potential job creators. The new name was announced on Monday, July 25.
Protecting your identity - Rep. Winger hosts Shred Event
Rep. Winger is hosts Shred Event on Saturday, July 30, 2016 to help residents protect themselves from identity theft. Rep. Winger encourages residents of the 45th District to bring up-to 2 boxes of paper documents they would like shredded to the event from 9 a.m. to noon at the corner of Schick Road & 3rd Street in Bloomingdale.

Not sure what documents you should shred? Read: How long should you keep documents before shredding them.
As the heat index soars so does the need for places to keep cool. As part of the Keep Cool Illinois campaign, more than 120 state facilities are open as cooling centers. The cooling centers will provide Illinoisans a place to stay cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

In 1995, 739 people died in Chicago during the deadliest stretch of heat ever recorded. Please share this information with those who do not have air conditioning and need a place to stay cool.

State Cooling Centers
This is a partial list of cooling centers:

VILLA PARK, IL 60181-3575

2901 FINLEY ROAD, Suite 109


Distance: 10.7 Mile(s)

The complete list of can be found here:
Health care – Land of Lincoln
Key provider of Obamacare health insurance must liquidate. Land of Lincoln Health, a health care insurance co-operative set up under the terms of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), has defaulted on its payments. The State of Illinois initiated steps on Tuesday, July 12 to wind up the operations of the failing firm and shut it down. 49,000 Illinois residents had purchased mandatory health care insurance through Land of Lincoln, which sold its policies to the individual, individual family, and self-employment markets. They will have to find emergency new coverage before the close of calendar year 2016.
Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children and according to the National Safety Council, correctly used children's car seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71%. Unfortunately, nearly 73% of car seats are not installed correctly.

Before properly installing the car seat, parents must first make sure the car seat they selected is appropriate for their child. Choosing the right car seat is complicated at best. Infant, convertible, booster, rear-facing, front-facing: Which is correct for a child's age and weight? When are they ready for a seat belt? These are some of the questions technicians from the National Safety Council will answer at their "Child Car Seat Checkup." They will also teach parents and grandparents how to properly install a car seat, and correctly use booster seats and seat belts.

The National Safety Council Car Seat Checkup will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, at NSC headquarters, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL.

You must reserve a checkup time and be sure to bring the car seat your child uses to the appointment.

CC image from woodelywonderworks
On Tuesday, Rep. Christine Winger (R—Wood Dale) was appointed by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin to serve on the Illinois School Funding Reform Commission formed by Governor Rauner. Members of the bipartisan commission were each hand-selected by their legislative leaders to work on ways to improve the State’s school funding formula.

“For the sake of our children we must find a way for the State to invest more in our schools and at the same time reduce the property tax burden on their families,” said Winger. “Education is a primary obligation that the State has neglected for far too long. I'm thankful for this opportunity to improve educational outcomes for all Illinois children.”
Representative Christine Winger recently visited Misericordia, a not-for-profit corporation that provides a community of care to maximize the potential of the developmentally disabled or physically challenged. During her visit, Rep. Winger toured the 31 acre Chicago campus, met with staff and residents, and saw first-hand the vast residential options available to residents and the variety of programs that serve them.

“This organization does so much good, and is so unique in the magnitude of services it provides to the developmentally disabled,” said Winger. “It’s comforting to know that Misericordia is such a strong pillar in our community and contributes so much to those who need it the most.”

Under the direction of Sister Rosemary Connelly, Misericordia offers a continuum of care to meet the diverse needs of each individual and allows residents to live as independently and in the highest level of community integration possible. Currently, Misericordia serves more than 600 children and adults from diverse racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.
Illinois is ditching the controversial state PARCC exam for high school students, instead giving 11th-graders a state-paid SAT college entrance exam next spring.

The announcement from the Illinois State Board of Education on Monday comes after only two administrations of PARCC, in the spring of 2015 and 2016, following dismal test scores and thousands of students skipping the exams.

Still, third- through eighth-graders will continue taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers in reading and math, exams designed to prepare students for college and work. The state tests have drawn opposition from families who questioned the amount of testing at school — part of a national movement that has prompted some states to stop using the PARCC exams, which are based on Common Core standards. Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune story.

Budget – Stopgap Budget Bill Signed
Money begins to flow after Gov. Rauner signs stopgap budget bill. SB 2047 was signed on Thursday, June 30. Money began to flow on the first day of the new FY17 (Friday, July 1), and continued during the first full week of July. Emergency spending authorizations were concentrated on some of the key areas of state spending and operations that had been deprived of funding in FY16.
Tonight, O’Hare Airport implements a temporary nighttime runway rotation plan that will run through December 25 of this year. The goal is to reduce the impact of adverse nighttime noise for residents living in jet flight paths. After December it will be evaluated for effectiveness. This Fly Quiet plan is one of several actions I strongly supported in my efforts to get officials from the Chicago Department of Aviation and the FAA to take action to reduce the impact of adverse noise on residents living around O’Hare.

While it is but a small measure of relief it is one that signals that O’Hare officials and the FAA are finally responding to pressure and I aim to keep it up.

Below is the runway rotation schedule indicating which communities will be impacted and when (you can also download it here):

It is important the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) hears from you once the rotation plan is in effect. They are setting up a feedback survey that will be up and running soon. I will also be reaching out to impacted residents during the course of the next few months to see how the plan is working.

Here are important links to information you need to know.
Download the schedule
Fly Quiet Schedule (maps) 
Fly Quiet Survey
Fly Quiet Background

Should you have questions about this or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact me through the website or call (847) 252-9311.

The biggest official shakeup to O’Hare Airport night flights in nearly 20 years debuts late Wednesday with the launch of a plan aimed at more evenly distributing overnight jet noise.

Starting Wednesday evening, night runways will be rotated every week, over a 12-week cycle, as part of a six-month test due to end Christmas morning.

The move should give some Northwest Side Chicagoans, as well as suburbanites west of O’Hare, a temporary respite from heavy jet traffic at night. They should be able to plan, with some certainty, undisturbed late-night outdoor parties and get a sound night’s sleep on certain weeks from as early as 10:30 p.m. through 5:30 a.m. Read the rest of the SunTimes story

Find the Rotation Schedule here: http://www.airportprojects.net/flyquiettest/schedule/
Rep. Christine Winger is hosting a Shred Event on Saturday, July 30, 2016 to help residents protect themselves from identity theft. Rep. Winger encourages residents of the 45th District to bring up-to 2 boxes of paper documents they would like shredded to the event from 9 a.m. to noon at the corner of Schick Road & 3rd Street in Bloomingdale.

Not sure what documents you should shred? Read How long should you keep documents before shredding them?

To fight identity theft, experts agree that you should shred documents sooner rather than later. But, how long should you keep documents before shredding them? Here's what the experts have to say according to the "Rat Pack's Guide to Shredding"by the Federal Trade Commission:

Save forever
Keep documents related to major life events locked  securely:
  • Birth certificates or adoption papers
  • Social Security cards
  • Citizenship papers or passports
  • Marriage or divorce decrees
  • Death certificates of family members
  • Auto titles and home deeds for as long as you own the property 
Budget – stopgap budget deal enacted
New FY17 spending bills will enable full K-12 school operations for entire school year. By contrast, however, many other State operations will only be funded through December 2016. The “stopgap” bills do not balance the budget and do not solve Illinois’ fiscal woes. The State’s leaders believe that the current Springfield policy gap has achieved dimensions great enough that only the voters of Illinois, in the November election, can choose which path the State should follow. One of the key bills was the measure that actually appropriated money for FY16 and FY17; it was SB 2047, which was passed by the House and Senate on Thursday, June 30. Some elements of the package appropriated money so that it could be legally used to match spending/spending commitments made in FY16, which ended on Thursday. Other bills in the package contained “substantive” legislation, effective starting on Friday, intended to implement the FY17 portion of the package and match State law to appropriated spending.
Find cheap gas, check for construction and see Metra service changes for your Independence Day travel.

The worst day to hit the road this Fourth of July holiday weekend will be Friday, July 1, when almost 2 million vehicles are expected to be on the Illinois Tollway system.

Vacationers are advised to start weekend travel before lunch or after 8 p.m. Friday, according to the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

From Friday to Tuesday, July 5, the Illinois Tollways reports 8 million cars and vehicles will be on the road, a 5 percent increase from the 7.6 million vehicles out and about during the 2015 Fourth of July weekend.

Most construction activities, including most temporary maintenance and construction lane closures, will be restricted from noon July 1 to 9 a.m. July 5 to help keep holiday traffic moving. Drivers are reminded to slow down and follow speed limits in work zones, even if workers aren't present. Read more in Patch.

Budget – FY16 Nears End
Fiscal Year 2016 nears its end without a budget. FY16 will reach its end on June 30th, when the State of Illinois will possibly go an entire fiscal year without a budget. Subsection 2b of Article VIII of the Constitution of Illinois requires the General Assembly to annually enact a balanced budget.
Pet Rescue Fair on Saturday
Reps. Christine Winger and Michael Fortner host their Pet Rescue Fair to promote pet adoption and the humane treatment of animals. Meet adoptable pets, talk to pet experts, enjoy children's activities, food trucks and more at this free family event:

Saturday, June 18, 2016
12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
2054 W. Stearns Rd, Bartlett, IL