Winger Visits Wood Dale Junior High School

Representative Winger recently visited Wood Dale Junior High to speak to the 7th grade students about state government.  The students are currently studying the three branches of government, and were excited to meet Representative Winger and learn more about the Illinois General Assembly, the election process, and legislation.

Rep. Winger explained how a bill becomes a law, and discussed some of the legislation she is currently pursuing.  The 7th graders had prepared specific questions to ask the Representative—and were curious to find out more about the veto process, the filing of bills, and floor debates in the House of Representatives.

The students will be working on a project over the next few weeks to explore what laws they would like to see enacted in our state.  “It was extremely rewarding to spend time with these students, and see what interests them in government.  I enjoyed hearing about what laws they think are needed to make positive change in our state.  I am looking forward to keeping in touch with these students, and checking in with their projects about state government.”