O'Hare legislative package sponsored by Winger, O'Hare Impact Committee

This year Rep. Christine Winger has sponsored and co-sponsored several pieces of legislation to help constituents impacted by O'Hare Airport. Here is a brief synopsis of each.

Ensuring Fly Quiet Compliance
HJR128 (Winger, McAuliffe) – Urging Chicago Airport officials to use latest technology to measure noise and compliance of airlines to Fly Quiet protocols. Also, urges the consideration of Fly Quiet compliance in the allocation of departure gates and support facilities. Calls for a measurable improvement in Fly Quiet compliance by January 1, 2017.

HR1023 (Winger, McAuliffe) – Urging the Chicago Department of Aviation to adopt the Suburban O’Hare Commission Recommendations for Fly Quiet enhancements.

Soundproofing Assistance 
HB4396 & HB5917 (Winger, McAuliffe)– Creating an income tax credit for the purchase of soundproofing materials for eligible homeowners. 

HR960 (McAuliffe, Winger) – Calling upon the Federal Aviation Administration to assist the City of Chicago in the implementation of the provisions of SB636 and to use new CNEL data to promptly redraw contour maps as new airport noise data is submitted. 

Ensuring Safety of Families
HB5040 (Winger, McAuliffe) – Requiring the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a study on the environmental and human health impact of runways and air traffic at O’Hare Airport.