Winger Celebrates Bloomingdale Student Artists

Representative Christine Winger welcomed six students from Westfield Middle School in Bloomingdale to her District Office to celebrate their art work, which proudly hangs in the Representative’s Student Art Gallery. The student’s work was carefully selected by their art teacher, Deyana Matt, and included a great variety of pictures and paintings displaying various mediums and lots of color.

Representative Winger’s Student Art Gallery rotates art every quarter, and each time new art is hung, the students and their families are invited to a special party to celebrate, see their artwork displayed and meet their Representative.

“I always enjoy meeting students in our community. To see the work and creativity that went into these pictures is truly remarkable. Art is so important to education and student development, I think celebrating these artists is a great motivator and helps them learn to create and appreciate visual aesthetics. Being able to celebrate these very talented students is such an honor and something that I look forward to doing every quarter.” 

Dr. Jon Bartelt, Superintendent of Bloomingdale School District 13, was also in attendance to help celebrate the students, and enjoyed meeting all the young artists.

One student’s art was even chosen to be featured on the annual Illinois State Art poster; a state wide contest sponsored by The Illinois Art Education Association for Youth Art Month, which is celebrated every March.

Thanks to generous donations from Chick-FIl-A, and local bakery, Delish Cakes, the party was a success!