O'Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Schedule

Tonight, O’Hare Airport implements a temporary nighttime runway rotation plan that will run through December 25 of this year. The goal is to reduce the impact of adverse nighttime noise for residents living in jet flight paths. After December it will be evaluated for effectiveness. This Fly Quiet plan is one of several actions I strongly supported in my efforts to get officials from the Chicago Department of Aviation and the FAA to take action to reduce the impact of adverse noise on residents living around O’Hare.

While it is but a small measure of relief it is one that signals that O’Hare officials and the FAA are finally responding to pressure and I aim to keep it up.

Below is the runway rotation schedule indicating which communities will be impacted and when (you can also download it here):

It is important the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) hears from you once the rotation plan is in effect. They are setting up a feedback survey that will be up and running soon. I will also be reaching out to impacted residents during the course of the next few months to see how the plan is working.

Here are important links to information you need to know.
Download the schedule
Fly Quiet Schedule (maps) 
Fly Quiet Survey
Fly Quiet Background

Should you have questions about this or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact me through the website or call (847) 252-9311.