Children – Teenage Concussions
Health care providers report sharp increase in official diagnoses of concussions among many Illinois teenagers. The diagnosis count increased 83% from 2010 to 2015 among a large subset of Illinois children aged 10 to 19. The subset is made up of those children and young adults that are members of households insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Illinois’ largest health care insurer. Blue Cross reports that more than 8 million of the 12.9 million people of Illinois are covered by their firm. The numbers reflect diagnostic codings reached by health care professionals, used by them as a basis for follow-up treatments of their patients, and submitted to Blue Cross for requested reimbursement.
Representative Christine Winger is hosting an event with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to bring a Mobile Driver Facility Services Unit to area residents. The free event is open to all residents and will be held on Tuesday October 4th from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at the the Hanover Township Senior Center in Bartlett, 240 S. IL Route 59.

The Secretary of State’s mobile unit will bring all the services of their office to this location, in an effort to make these state services more accessible. This unit will have the following services available on site for residents to take advantage of:

· Vision Screening with Driver’s License Rnewal

· Driver’s License and State ID Card Renewal, Replacement, Correction

· Vehicle Sticker Sales

· Organ/Tissue Donor Information and Registration

· Motor Voter Registration with Driver’s license/ID Renewal

Rep. Winger is looking forward to this event, and working with both the Secretary of State’s office and Hanover Township to bring vital state services to residents. “This is a great opportunity to bring important services in a convenient way to our area,” said Winger. “I understand it is often times difficult to make it to the DMV or Secretary of State’s office, and this is an easier way to bring necessary state services right to our residents.”
Budget – Unpaid Bills
Backlog of unpaid bill hits $8.6 billion. The unpaid-bill count, tracked on a day-to-day basis by the office of Comptroller Leslie Munger, hit more than $8.6 billion this week. The red-ink number is closely watched by holders of Illinois debt paper and by international credit rating agencies and firms that rank worldwide debtors by chances of insolvency. For example Moody’s, the world’s largest credit-rating firm, currently ranks Illinois general obligation debt backed by general funds at Baa2, two ranks above “junk bond” level. Moody’s adds that they have a “negative outlook” on Illinois’ current Baa2 rating. Analysts at Moody’s report that Illinois’ “structural budget gap” currently equals at least 15% of Illinois general fund and pension expenditures.

Rep. Winger met new friends at CS Barks, Carol Stream's
annual dog festival, last weekend.
The backlog, counted as of Thursday, September 22, represents more than $8.6 billion in bills payable from Illinois general funds. These bills have either been presented to the Illinois Comptroller for payment, or are known to be waiting in the coffers of various State agencies for presentation and payment. Many of these bills are request for reimbursement to providers of supplies and services to the State and its clients, particularly medical and nursing care provided to Medicaid patients.

The unpaid-bill ledger count reported weekly by Munger’s office is likely to continue to fluctuate in future weeks. However, the overall red-ink trend is expected to continue to go upward, based on tax payments to the State continuing to fall short of monies obligated by continuing appropriations, court orders, and consent decrees.
Dog Days of Summer
Carol Stream Park District’s annual dog festival. One of the largest dog festivals in the Chicago suburbs CS Barks is being held on Sunday. Join thousands of dogs from the area who bring their owners for a day of four-legged fun. Entry is free!  Find out more.

Jobs – Illinois labor force
Illinois payroll drops by 8,200 jobs in August. The monthly jobs and unemployment report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) showed a 30-day drop of 8,200 in Illinois’ seasonally-adjusted nonfarm payroll jobs. This key employment number declined from 6,016,900 in July 2016 to 6,008,700 in August.
Children – Missing Children
128 Illinois children are missing. This number reflects open police files on missing Illinois children. An online file of Illinois children classified as missing, endangered/missing, or in non-family abduction status can be found here. Cases as recent as August 2016 are included; but one open case, that of Mary Ann Switalski, dates back to July 1963.