191 new laws take effect January 1, 2017. Here is a preview of 21 laws you should know about:

Social media right to privacy 
Public Act 99-610, House Bill 4999
Amends the Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act to make it illegal for an employer or prospective employer to request or require an employee or applicant to access a personal online account (such as Facebook) in the presence of the employer. It is also illegal to request or require that an employee or applicant invite the employer to join a group affiliated with any personal online account of the employee, or applicant, or join an online account established by the employer.
Rep. Winger hosts reception for art students from
Westfield Middle School to showcase their artwork.
Fly Quiet Test Program Set to Expire. Created as a temporary effort, the trial period of the Fly Quiet Program will expire on December 25th of this year. The decision to make the program permanent is partially based on community response to a survey created by O’Hare officials. Rep. Winger urges all residents affected by noise from O'Hare to complete the survey. Read more.

Illinois Lottery
Winger explores legislative options to get to the heart of newly identified concerns at the Illinois Lottery. Earlier this month the Chicago Tribune reported that lottery scratch off winning tickets were not entirely random and grand prizes were not always paid out. Here's the original story.
Take action now to ensure noise reduction program continues in the future

The Fly Quiet program was created by the Chicago Department of Aviation as a test to determine whether rotating runway usage would help reduce nighttime noise levels experienced by area residents when jets land and take off at O’Hare International Airport. Many of those living in the affected area believe the test program has been a success and is a significant step forward in providing more immediate noise relief for area families.
Rep. Christine Winger visits with residents
and staff at the Victory Center, a senior
community in Bartlett. 
Budget – FY17
Leaders meetings do not generate budget agreement. With the “stopgap” six-month budget for the first half of FY17 scheduled to expire on December 31, pressure is being placed on key Illinois officials to develop a budget agreement. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, Governor Bruce Rauner, and other leaders were meeting almost daily in Chicago. Key issues include cash flow for State spending areas covered in the “stopgap” budget. Renewed appropriations are required if these areas are to get funding in January 2017 and following months. However, no agreement has yet been reached.

Pressure for a budget deal is being driven by the deteriorating financial condition of the State. The Comptroller’s office indicated that Illinois had, as of Tuesday, December 6, piled up a backlog of unpaid bills totaling more than $10.6 billion. These include both bills that are actually in the Comptroller’s office awaiting payment and bills that are in the various State agencies and have not yet been forwarded to the Comptroller.
Budget – FY17
Governor Rauner renews call for property tax freeze and term limits. Substantial segments of Illinois state spending are scheduled to run dry with the expiration of the so-called ‘stopgap” State budget that is covering the first half of FY17. This period of time will end on December 31, 2016, and further State action will be required to keep those facets of State spending in operation. However, meetings between Governor Bruce Rauner and the four legislative leaders, including House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, have not yet succeeded in achieving the level of agreement necessary for a budget bill to move forward.