Winger Reacts to State of the State

Governor Bruce Rauner recently gave his third annual State of the State address to the 100th General Assembly. His optimism about the state’s accomplishments over the last two years was evident throughout, as he acknowledged the major improvements made in education funding, ethics reform, job creation, and criminal justice reform.

Representative Christine Winger appreciated the Governor’s noted optimism, and believes that despite the current challenges facing state lawmakers, “positive change has happened for Illinois, and it is encouraging to remember that we can accomplish great things through compromise.”

Illinois’ biggest challenge is the state budget. Yet, working toward a balanced budget agreement to rectify the state’s financial crisis has been no easy feat.

Governor Rauner recognized the Illinois Senate for their work on a budget proposal, most notably for their efforts in compromise, collaboration, and negotiation. Representative Winger is encouraged to see this progress and continued movement in in the right direction.

“As lawmakers we are responsible for making the hard decisions and working to serve our taxpayers,” said Winger. “I hope we can continue to build on the success we had over the last two years to find solutions on our states biggest issues.”

Winger has embraced the optimism in the Governor’s message and is looking forward to getting back to work when legislative session resumes February 8th in the Illinois House of Representatives.

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