Working Toward a Balanced State Budget

In his Budget Address to the 100th General Assembly, Governor Bruce Rauner was optimistic that a bipartisan compromise can be met, and one that will benefit both tax payers and job creators.

The Governor stressed the importance of job creation as an essential part of economic growth, and the key to returning Illinois to a state of prosperity. While noting the difficulties of the last two years in which the state has gone without a budget in place, Governor Rauner encouraged lawmakers to work together to make progress.

The Senate was recognized for their efforts in bipartisan compromise in producing their ‘Grand Bargain.’ Today, Governor Rauner disclosed parameters of his own that he sees essential to a balanced budget agreement. Some of these ideas included a permanent property tax freeze, economic reforms, pension reform, term limits, job creation, workers compensation reform, and a refusal to tax retirement income.

Rauner pledged his support to sign a budget agreement that includes his parameters. He called upon legislators to put the state back on the road to prosperity and make the right choice to get a budget agreement done.

Representative Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale) found the Governor’s remarks motivating. “The importance Governor Rauner placed on job creation and economic growth is extremely encouraging to produce a balanced budget, keep the budget balanced, and ensure the future of our state,” said Winger.

Rep. Winger added that, “bringing more jobs to our state, and keeping our work force educated through greater investments in higher education are what our state needs to sustain the economy and allow Illinois to truly reach its potential.”

The Governor’s budget address and parameters on a balanced budget agreement were hoped to move the process along, and help lawmakers reach a compromise as soon as possible.

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