Third Test to Be Considered to Combat O’Hare Airport Noise

The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) will be voting on a third test schedule to measure noise from O’Hare Airport. They will meet on June 3rd to decide the nature of the third test.

The first two testing initiatives used alternate methods to help reduce noise levels surrounding residential communities experience from the airport. The first test began in 2016 and for 25 weeks it tested noise relief efforts by alternating arrival and departure runways for overnight traffic. Due to the popularity of the first test amongst area communities, a second test was commissioned. This second initiative began in late April and for 12 weeks, has incorporated new combinations and patterns for flight arrivals and departures. Still ongoing, this test will conclude in mid-June, and will help improve existing runway rotation plans.

It has since been determined that a third test is needed, which will incorporate a new model. There have been several different suggested plans as to what runways will be used. Such proposals have suggested hybrid pairings of different runways, or alternating between east/west and diagonal runways for nighttime traffic.

Should the ONCC approve the third test for airport noise relief, it is likely to last much longer than the previous two test schedules. Read more on the potential test schedule and plans here.

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