House Bill 4069 is good for all the state’s 852 school districts. Unlike Senate Bill 1, the legislation does not single out one district to pit students from different regions against each other. Instead, all schools are all treated the same under a formula that is the same for everyone regardless of their zip code.
State Representative Christine Winger recently held an informational property tax seminar, where she gathered local tax assessors to help explain the property tax assessment and appeal process. The event helped area residents understand how their properties are assessed and provided information about the appeal process, should they find their assessments unfair.

Property tax assessors from Bloomingdale, Addison, Wayne and Hanover Townships helped give a detailed presentation. During the event, Rep. Winger also addressed the state’s property tax issue and discussed legislation considered in the general assembly on the matter. “This event gives area residents the necessary information, resources and tools to understand exactly how their property tax bills are calculated,” said Winger. With the event held just after area property tax bills were mailed, it gave residents the perfect opportunity to ask any questions about the process specific to their community.

The Representative has hosted this event annually, and each year the event draws a full crowd. “Property taxes are a top issue for my constituents and hosting this event at this time is a priority so everyone in the area has access to the right information,” said Winger.

For questions on the seminar or to request information, please contact Rep. Winger’s District office at (847) 252-9311.
Last week, the House of Representatives adjourned without reaching a budget agreement. The fiscal year deadline was extended to June 30th, giving lawmakers a few more weeks to come to an agreement on the state budget, and a solution to Illinois’ fiscal crisis.

This year the House did not address any budget proposals that make any effort to pay down the state’s massive backlog of bills. Instead, the proposal considered in the Senate proposed to spend $5 billion more than revenue forecast of $32 billion for the fiscal year 2018.

State Representative Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale) voiced her concern about the lack of a state budget after the close of the spring legislative session in Springfield last week:

“The state budget crisis continues as we concluded legislative session. Continuing to operate without a budget is damaging to all residents and the future of our state. We need a budget that will address the true obligations of our state, and this will only happen through genuine compromise.”

With the unfunded pension liability nearing $130 billion, inadequate and inequitable school funding, and the highest property taxes in the nation, much needs to be accomplished to move Illinois forward. The House of Representatives should continue to meet throughout the month of June in the hopes of reaching a balanced budget agreement.