House Approves School Funding Reform

Today the Illinois House of Representatives approved SB1947 which will allocate necessary state funding for education to school districts state-wide. The bill represented a compromised agreement from legislative leaders to reform school funding in Illinois. Special session convened today in Springfield for a vote on the bill, which passed with bipartisan support.

State Representative Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale) supported the measure that utilizes an Evidence-Based Funding Formula to adequately and equitably fund Illinois schools.

“The funding formula has been broken for too long,” said Winger. “Today’s agreement is a historic step forward for education funding, one that will help our students have the opportunities they deserve to succeed while also ensuring all school districts are treated fairly.”

This model creates an adequacy target for each school district to prioritize funding. Under this bill, no school district will lose money, but rather it secures historic funding levels for all Illinois school districts.

Rep. Winger noted the mandate and property tax relief provided in the bill as extremely beneficial as it “provides greater flexibility for school districts, and also more opportunities for students,” said Winger.

The bill replaces the daily Physical Education requirement in schools with a minimum requirement of three days per week. It also allows 7th-12th graders to be exempt from Physical Education if they participate in athletics. Also included is a property tax referendum to give certain homeowners the ability to reduce their property taxes with a property tax relief provision.

Effective immediately, the passage of SB1947 allows funding to be allocated to school districts.

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