Take Action! Respond to the O’Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Survey

The Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test program was created by the Chicago Department of Aviation to determine whether alternating flight patterns across different runways at night would better disperse noise and reduce noise levels experienced by residents impacted by O’Hare Airport.

The third O’Hare Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Test began the evening of July 23, 2017 and continues for 12 weeks, through the Week of October 8th. Each new week, the tests will begin on Sunday evening at 10 p.m.or after, when demand allows for one arrival and one departure runway.

The purpose of conducting a third test is to test in real time a runway rotation without the use of diagonal runway 15/33, which is slated to be decommissioned in the spring of 2018.

You can find more information on the Fly Quiet program here, and to view the entire schedule for the current 12-week test click here.

Representative Winger has diligently worked to provide noise relief for area residents through legislative initiatives in the General Assembly. “Hearing feedback from area residents on these tests is vital to their success and to finding the best solution that will provide the most relief,” said Winger. The Representative encourages residents to fill out the brief survey about the current Fly Quiet runway test to provide their feedback.

The survey will be available until October 14th. All questions must be answered in order to complete the survey.

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