Pop Tax Officially Repealed

The effort to repeal the sweetened beverage tax levied on residents of Cook County culminated in a vote today, after 15 Cook County Commissioners stated their support to eliminate it.

State Representative Christine Winger has been a strong opponent of the pop tax since it took effect on August 2nd. Like many lawmakers at the state and local level, Rep. Winger believed the new tax put an unfair burden on Cook County, and stood in support of legislation in the Illinois House of Representatives to repeal it.

Many residents in the county have been unhappy about the added financial cost of buying sweetened beverages, and the movement to repeal the tax has gained momentum over the summer.

Rep. Winger’s legislative district encompasses a portion of Cook County, and she heard first-hand the opposition to the penny-per-ounce tax from residents and businesses alike. She was relieved that Cook County finally took the appropriate action to repeal the tax, especially after the strong opposition only continued to escalate.

“Today’s repeal of the pop tax was the right move. Now our residents and businesses can rest assured that there is an end in sight to this unfair and unnecessary tax,” said Winger.

The Representative heard from local businesses that were severely impacted by the tax, which caused residents in the area to travel a short distance out of the county to not pay the extra price for sweetened beverages and goods.

“This tax was an unfair disadvantage for businesses in the area. With the repeal, the playing field is level again for the businesses on the collar of Cook County.”

The tax will officially end starting December 1st, making it one of the shortest taxes in history.

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