With the arrival of the New Year comes a series of new laws enacted by the State of Illinois. This year, over 200 new laws will take effect on January 1. These include bills for small technical corrections as well as major pieces of legislation.

Click below for a recap of these new laws which will be on the books next year.  For more information on all the bills in the General Assembly, visit www.ilga.gov.

This week the effort to reduce the noise in the communities surrounding O’Hare Airport made significant progress with the approval of the Fly Quiet Plan. The plan calls for a greater use of the diagonal runways that run northeast and southwest, which will help alleviate jet traffic noise in the areas east and west of the airport.

Various runway configurations would be used and alternated in eight-week rotations to more fairly distribute jet noise when airplanes fly in and out of the airport. Fly Quiet gained much support from neighboring airport communities, which have experienced the most noise and would get some much needed relief under this plan.

The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, which is comprised of representatives of more than 50 area municipalities and school districts, voted and passed the plan on Friday. There was strong support for the Fly Quiet plan, and the momentum of this decision will move it forward to the Chicago Department of Aviation for further approval.

The final decision before implementation would be presented to the Federal Aviation Administration.