State Representative Christine Winger currently serves on the Sexual Harassment Task Force in the House of Representatives. As a member on the Task Force, Rep. Winger has listened to hours of testimony from Illinois residents who have experienced harassment in the workplace.

The latest Task Force meetings have included testimonies from several women who experienced brutal sexual harassment while working at Ford Motor Company. In response, a House Resolution was filed this week that calls on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Illinois Department of Human Rights, and the U.S. Department of Labor to do more.

Today in Springfield, Winger wore black, to show support for the #TimesUp movement and support the end of sexual harassment. She urged all members of the House of Representatives to support House Resolution 783, which calls for a continued investigation into the culture of sexual harassment within the United Automobile Workers labor union and asks for increased support of the women who have come forward to testify to their experiences at Ford Motor Company.

Rep. Winger was appalled at the testimonies of so many women, who have been harassed and abused in the workplace. “It is unbelievable and unacceptable that this behavior has continued to plague the workplace and affect so many women in our State,” said Winger. “Today, I stand in support of those women who so bravely told their stories so that together, we can work to make positive change and I will do everything in my power to put an end to this.”

The Representative was also encouraged to hear that Governor Rauner signed an executive order to more adequately respond to harassment claims. Through the order, the Governor would create a compliance office that will give all employees in Illinois a reliable and responsive outlet for reporting harassment.

Representative Winger believes this is another positive step forward to help put an end to sexual harassment, and effectively respond to these issues in Illinois.