Winger’s Animal Welfare Bill Moves Forward

State Representative Christine Winger passed an animal welfare measure in the House today.  The bill, HB5477, will require an animal shelter or animal control facility to report the total number of dogs, cats, and other animals taken in by the shelter, the number of animals that leave the shelter and the ending inventory of the shelter at the end of every year.  The inventory will be reported to the Department of Agriculture, and will serve as part of animal shelters’ annual renewal application.

Currently, Illinois shelters and rescues are not required to report to the Department of Agriculture on the numbers of dogs they are importing or where these dogs originate. Rep. Winger’s legislation will require better records to be kept of dogs and cats in our State’s animal shelters.

Representative Winger’s bill will help increase transparency in animal shelters throughout Illinois, and help promote better health and wellness for animals in such shelters.  The legislation had no opposition and moves forward to the Senate for further consideration.

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