Bill Signed Recognizing New State Agency

Today HB5611 was signed into law, which officially recognizes the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) as a state agency.

DoIT is a comprehensive approach to modernizing Illinois’ technology. Cybersecurity will be the new agency’s top priority, and since its inception, the agency has encrypted more than 5.8 billion records, protecting the personal and private information of Illinois citizens. DoIT has also launched the first statewide security operations center with 24/7 monitoring aimed at identifying risk and proactively responding to cyber threats.
State Representative Christine Winger was a co-sponsor of the legislation and was present for the bill’s signing. 

“This legislation creates a necessary department that will be able to efficiently handle the magnitude of information gathered by state agencies in the safest and most secure way possible,” said Rep. Winger. “DoIT will transform the antiquated nature of the state’s systems, and help protect Illinois residents and their information efficiently. I am pleased to see this initiative move forward, especially one that will support the infrastructure and future of Illinois.”

Through its Smart State initiative, DoIT is also helping local governments use SMART technology (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) on things like street lighting — which cuts down on energy costs and saves taxpayer dollars.

For additional information, please see the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology strategy here.  

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