Funeral Services Held, National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States, passed away at his Houston home on Friday, November 30th at the age of 94.

President George H.W. Bush was the last veteran of World War II to serve as president. Bush spent decades in public service, as a congressman, ambassador, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Vice-President for two terms under Ronald Reagan, then President of the United States from 1989-1993.

In addition to serving as president, George H.W. Bush was the father of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. They were the only other father-son duo to serve terms as president besides John Adams and John Quincy Adams in the nation’s infancy.

President George H.W. Bush’s flag-draped coffin lied in state at the U.S. Capitol from Monday through Wednesday morning. Wednesday, December 5th was a National Day of Mourning and the date of President Bush’s State Funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Thousands of mourners attended the State Funeral, including the five surviving presidents: Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Last Thursday, funeral services were held at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston. Following the service, President Bush’s coffin was transported via a special train that carried him to his burial plot near his presidential library, on the grounds of Texas A & M. He was buried next to his wife of 73 years and daughter Robin, who died in 1953 at age 3 of leukemia.

November Revenue Report Issued by CGFA

The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability issued its November Monthly Briefing detailing revenue receipts for the month. As expected, November 2017's surge in reimbursements resulted in large monthly federal sources decline in 2018.

Excluding $250 million in interfund borrowing, as well as $2.500 billion which was deposited into the GRF stemming from the $6 billion bond sale executed in November 2017, base monthly receipts fell $1.738 billion. The significant drop in revenues was not a surprise and merely reflects last year’s reimbursable spending surge made possible as a result of the bond sale. That important item aside, most of the other revenue sources showed mixed results this November. The month had one less receipting day compared to the prior year.

Sales taxes increased $105 million on a gross basis, or $100 million net of the direct distributions to transportation funds. Gross personal income taxes grew $47 million, or $37 million on a net basis. Public utility taxes posted a gain of $9 million, while cigarette taxes moved up $6 million as a result of receipt timing. Interest income reflected higher rates of return and advanced $6 million. Corporate franchise taxes rose $2 million, and liquor tax as well as vehicle use tax each eked out a $1 million increase.

General Assembly Concludes 2018 Veto Session

The November 2018 veto session came to an end on Thursday, November 29 with final actions on many bills vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Some of the vetoes were overridden; however, many of these veto actions were allowed to stand after sponsors could not gather the three-fifths majorities of both houses required for an override. This was the final week available for a House or Senate bill sponsor to submit a motion to override a veto and have the motion called on the floor of the General Assembly, so the remaining vetoed bills are now all dead for the year.

The General Assembly website includes a bill-by-bill set of sub-pages to let Illinoisans know what happened to the individual legislative bills and other measures they may have been following in veto session. The House will re-convene on Monday, January 7 for what are scheduled to be two days of final work to wrap up the duties of the 100th General Assembly.

House Recognizes Accomplishments of Departing Members

With the 100th General Assembly nearing its end, House Republicans honored their departing colleagues with brief floor comments on Thursday, November 29th. For more information on the legislative careers and accomplishments of retiring House Republican members, please visit The Caucus Blog.