Winger's Weekly Wrap-Up for December 3rd

General Assembly Concludes 2018 Veto Session

The November 2018 veto session came to an end on Thursday, November 29 with final actions on many bills vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Some of the vetoes were overridden; however, many of these veto actions were allowed to stand after sponsors could not gather the three-fifths majorities of both houses required for an override. This was the final week available for a House or Senate bill sponsor to submit a motion to override a veto and have the motion called on the floor of the General Assembly, so the remaining vetoed bills are now all dead for the year.

The General Assembly website includes a bill-by-bill set of sub-pages to let Illinoisans know what happened to the individual legislative bills and other measures they may have been following in veto session. The House will re-convene on Monday, January 7 for what are scheduled to be two days of final work to wrap up the duties of the 100th General Assembly.

House Recognizes Accomplishments of Departing Members

With the 100th General Assembly nearing its end, House Republicans honored their departing colleagues with brief floor comments on Thursday, November 29th. For more information on the legislative careers and accomplishments of retiring House Republican members, please visit The Caucus Blog.

Bacterial Meningitis on College Campuses

Meningitis B outbreaks occurred once again this fall in U.S. colleges and universities. Although the incidents were outside of Illinois, Illinois public health experts urged prompt attention be paid to the infectious disease. Medical care providers reported the infectious bacterium in California, Massachusetts, and Oregon. Meningitis B is a disease that is particularly prone to outbreaks on college and university campuses. Although the vaccine for Meningitis B is optional in Illinois, health directors urge healthy Illinoisans, especially persons living in dormitory-style housing units, to get immunized against the disorder. Meningitis can cause neurological complications and, in rare instances, can be fatal.

Bicentennial Celebration Today

The State of Illinois will celebrate its 200th birthday party at the Aon Grand Ballroom at the tip of Chicago’s Navy Pier. Starting at 7:30 p.m., the party will bring together singers, dancers, and athletes with connections to Illinois for a star-studded celebration of our state’s triumphs and heritage. Colors and trophies will be presented as reminders of the achievements of these men and women on behalf of all Illinoisans. With a focus on entertainment, sports, and life, the event will be a fast-forward way for Illinois celebrants to experience the past two hundred years in the Land of Lincoln.

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